William Thornton(left) and his son Atholas(right)

Background== William Thornton was a farmer when his farm was attacked by bandit's. His wife was killed, but he escaped with his son, Atholas. His son left to fight for Avalonia, and William made a new farm, but soon he learnt there was more money in fighting. So he left the farm, and now helps lead his son's army, and he is lord of the Village of Tolswick, which is situated in Avalonia.

His other son Fred stayed at Tolswick and started to help it develop. On the 9th of February he started the Tolswick defense project to help protect the village from Victor Revolword. He is the leader of the Tolswick Rangers and stays long periods of time in the forest, ambushing enemies.

Completed MOC's:

Tolswick Barracks

Selthorn Cottage

Tolswick Farm

Tolswick House

William Thornton was killed by the Hand of Corruption.