Kelra Labyrinth, by I Scream Clone

The Kelra Labyrinths are notorious maze like locations within Nocturnus.

Kelra Labyrinths on Eurobricks


The vast section of land known as the Kelra Labyrinths, stretch from the northern River Styx down to the Rakath Mountains. They are a major obstacle for travelers headed towards the Moruth Swamplands.

Local PopulationEdit

The Kelra Labyrinths are inhabited by various dangerous creatures and half-breeds, many of whom hunt lost peoples within the mazes. Minotaurs and Reptrians are the main races within the mazes, and they will often ask for answers to riddles or for compensation in return for directions on how to navigate the labyrinth.

It is possible and very likely that there are other unknown peoples living within the mazes of the Labyrinth.