The Alleenridders are an order of knights, formed almost a century ago. The members are all knights who have completed and survived at least one quest together with another Alleenridder. Their nationalities are varied, just like the heralds they use in battles.


The Herald of Alleenridders is a white cross on a plain golden underground and a lonely knight. The colours represent the goal to fight for the good (white) and the fame (gold). The lonely knight stands for the fact that once a knight becomes an alleenridder, he will be mostly a lonely adventurer, far away from home.

Since they were founded, the Alleenridders have been on thousands quests already. This huge amount is achieved as once they are knighted Alleenridder, a knight is free to follow his own path. In the history of the Alleenridders, there was never a moment they were all together on the same quest or even the same place!

The leader of the Alleenridders is called "First Alleenridder", his captains are often called "Second Alleenridder". Their captains are "Third Alleenridders" and so on. By completing more and more quests, an Alleenridder can climb the ranks.

As some knights became older, Lord Damaximus decided to make a home for them and he founded the city of Mpya Stedor in the desert Guild Kaliphlin. And as they still are able to defend this city, they were knighted as "Knight of Mpya Stedor".

At this moment, there are around 400 Alleenridders around the world. 100 of them are already citizens of Mpya Stedor, the others are still on quests or are to their homes to defend it against attacks.

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