Rakath Mountains

Rakath Mountains

The Rakath Mountains are an imposing ridge of cliffs and foothills that divide Nocturnus and keep people both out and in, the Eastern Guild.


The Rakath Mountains are a large range of mountains in Historica, stretching from the southeastern tip of Siccus north to the corner of Nocturnus and Mitgardia. The northern extent of the range forms a natural border between Nocturnus and central Historica, and is nearly impassable. The southern Rakath, in Kaliphlin-ruled areas of the Siccus Badlands, are not quite as formidable, but still quite high.


Within the Rakath Mountains live many different dangerous creatures. In the Nocturnus region, Minotaurs can sometimes be found, though the most common inhabitant are werewolves, who use the caves in the mountains to live in and stage attacks from. Drow cities are also located in the Nocturnus region Rakath Mountains, though deep below the surface. In the Kaliphlin region of the Rakath Mountains, Mountain Mummies form clans within the mountians.

The Kaliphlin Rakath MountainsEdit

The Kaliphlin part of the Rakath Mountains stretches from the city of Mpya Stedor in the South-East to the ruins of Everlast in the North-East of Kaliphlin. On the West side, there are the Siccus Badlands and on the Eastside there is mainly ocean
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The mountains are small compared to the lofty heights of the northern Rakath mountains, but still formidable. High in the mountains the snow never melts, and a few glaciers persist in the northern mountains. Under the shadow of the Rakath mountains lies the smaller Mystic mountains where various bands of Mountain Mummies will sojourn near the local villages during the oppressive scorching months.

The eastern coast stretching northwards from the cape is mostly made up of rocky cliffs with steep fjords cutting well inland. The eastern slopes of the Rakath extend down to the sea, leaving little room for agriculture. These slopes are covered in deep, dark pine forests, and are almost always shrouded in fog.

Due to the prevailing winds from the east, the Rakath mountains are creating a rain shadow where most of the moisture is released on the eastern side of the mountains. This is one of the major reasons for the arid climate in the part of Kaliphlin known as The Parched Lands.

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The Nocturnian Rakath MountainsEdit

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The Mitgardian Rakath MountainsEdit

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