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Queenscross is a large city in the northern Siccus Badlands. Situated on the Arkbri River where a pass in the Great Escarpment allows easy ascent to the central deserts, Queenscross is a major trading center. Goods going to and from Petraea to central Historica, Avalonia, and Mitgardia are mostly easily shipped through Queenscross. It is a spectacular city, on the wide and lazy Arkbri, with the escarpment rising sharply up behind it.


Not much is known about the city of Queenscross, as is the same to most other cities in Kaliphlin. Most scholars do believe it was founded after the destruction of Kaligem. Queenscross was once the capital of Kaliphlin. It is also known that some ancient queen crossed the river there. Hence the name "Queenscross."


Queenscross's economy is based on trade. Its strategic position at the intersection of the Arkbri River and a key pass through the Great Escarpment gives it a natural advantage as a trading and transshipment center.


Type Name Description Photo
Market The Market of Queens Cross A Small Bazzar


Battle The Battle of Queens Cross A battle during the Revolword War


Aftermath A Song of Orcs & Fire Includes a scene after the battle of Queenscross Flickr

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