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Petraea is the capital city of the Siccus Badlands and the seat of the Kaliphlin Guild. Though lacking in most other resources, it is one of the few producers of Black Oil in the entire Historica- generating wealth beyond belief for its inhabitants. Those within its inner city live in virtual paradise relative to those behind the outer clay-brick fortifications. Petraea is the second largest city in Historica after Cedrica, with a population of 400,000.

The bulk of Petraea's citizens are made up of ex-criminals, freed slaves, fortune seekers and people looking to restart their lives in anonymity. While most outside the south presume that the Petraea is a lawless savage city- it is in fact the most lawful cities in all of Historica. The prosperous Black Oil provides plentiful jobs and money for all those who give an honest days work. Those that choose dishonesty, the vast standing Army of the Kaliphlin Guild hands out harsh punishments to ensure there are no repeat offenders.

But the law and order of Petraea does not extend far outside the Capital and the two major cities. The remaining oases are savage places where those that are bent on lawlessness thrive. They survive on raiding merchants traveling between between the three major cities in a constant and escalating battle with Kaliphlin army.


Petraea, being one of the oldest surviving cities in Historica, does not have any records of its founding. The University of Petraea was only founded about 500 years ago, so there was no formal record before that.

It is known that Petraea was founded after the destruction of Kaligem, as is the same for most Kaliphlinian cities. Petraea has served as the capital of Kaliphlin ever since.


Unlike most Historican cities, Petraea does not sit on a river, with the closest river being the Arkbri, north of the city at Queenscross. However, Petraea sits at the crossroads of many important roads, one of them being the Oil Road, which makes Petraea one of the largest trading centers in the Known World. Another large part of the economy is black oil, which is on high demand in other guilds, so anyone involved in this trade is due to become rich.


Though most of Kaliphlin is desert, Petraea sits on a large oasis, one of the reasons it was settled in the first place. The terrain is relatively flat, and a few plant life, namely palm trees and cacti, manage to survive in the scorching desert heat.


As mentioned earlier, one of the main protection forces is the Kaliphlin Army, a small but well equipped force, which mainly protects the roads and countryside of the guild. Like many other cities, Petraea has its city guard, which handles more minor issues, like pickpockets and thieves.


Type Name Description By Photo
Watchtower Crossroad Tower of Petraea Just outside of the city, at the junction of the Oil Road and the QueensCross road Amelia Phantomhive
Embassy Northmen's House in Petraea Mitgardian embassy in Petraea Etzel
Elemental Battle Destruction in Petraea A fire elemental wreaks destruction on Petraea Amelia Phantomhive
Tailors Shop (freebuild) Yoikbreg Tailor Shop Tailor to the Petraea City Guard Dextrus Flagg
Garden (University Project) Botanical Gardens WIP for the Kaliphlin University in Petraea

Kai NRG (Ageven Deraim)

City Walls Repairing the City Walls Repairing the city walls after the elemental attacks. Master Architect Challenge entry. Gideon
University Grand Lecture Theatre On the occasion of the opening of the main lecture theatre on the Petraea campus Gabe
Hookah Lounge (freebuild) Zahra's Shisha Parlor Zahra’s Hookah Lounge in old Petraea is as exquisite as it is exclusive. The finest flavored hashish is smoked in a luxurious rooms with impeccable service. jtooker


  • Lord Dextrus Flagg
  • Lords of Kaliphlin (temporary)

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