Avalonia's mysterious Middle Region is said to have once been the home of powerful druids.

This area is the most sacred of all Avalonia . It is here where the legendary ancient Druid shrine is supposed to reside, with the mystical treasure hidden within. Many have lost their lives in search for it, and most now believe its simply a myth. The Isles are shrouded in a think mist, supposedly cast by an ancient Druid to keep the evils of the world at bay. Now it acts as a gloomy curtain, concealing the unknown within. The Isles are surrounded by mazes of twisty waterways, lakes, marshes and tidal estuaries . It is not known exactly how many Islands lie in this area, many say that you can never find the same island twice. The only way of travel through these waterways are by the 'Water Folk', dark figures who are the only


The Mystic Isles are situated in the middle of Avalonian territory.

ones who know the safe hidden routes across the Isles. Who knows what creatures and tribes have made their settlements deep in the center of the Isles and remain hidden. The thick mist makes visibility difficult and Will O' The Wisps have been known to frequently lead unfortunate souls to their doom. The main route across to the Enchanted Forest is on the outskirts of the Isles, and allows an easy passage to and from the capital.

Background Edit

What is now the Mystic Isles was originally a landmass that connected the Enchanted Forest to mainland Avalonia. However, around 2000 BH, the Desert King, Sultan Ark'Mora Raa attempted to sink the isles like he had done with Ulandus. His power was not as strong however, and left behind many islands, now known as the Mystic Isles.

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