To establish order in the city and ensure the safety of its citizens, Mpya Stedor has a series of rather strict laws laid down, which mostly deals with military and diplomatic matters.

Laws of Mpya Stedor[edit | edit source]

1. Only the Knights Of Mpya Stedor, the City Guards and persons who have the permission may wear a weapon inside the city walls. Breaking this rule will result in imprisonment for 25 months.

2. Registered traders may have only 2 guards of their own. To defend themselves, they have the permission to be equipped with a sword or a dagger. Adding an extra guard will been seen as provocation and will result in diplomatic problems, banishment, and replacement.

3. Non-Registered Traders may have not have any guards with them in the city walls. Also they may only trade with inhabitants of Mpya Stedor and registered traders of their guild or faction. If they are caught trading with a trader of another guild or faction, it will result in a fine of 100 Gold Darics. This is to prevent diplomatic problems between the two guilds or factions due some some dangerous traders.

4. Trading with inhabitants of Mpya Stedor is only allowed at the markets. There, everybody may trade with citizens. Trading outside those areas will be considered illegal and if caught, see with be fined 100 Gold Darics.

5. In the Mpya Stedor Inner Bay are only rowboats allowed. Trading vessels have to unload in the Mpya Stedor Greater Bay. As this bay is defended by our navy, those trading vessels are safe here. This rule cannot be broken as it is impossible for vessels to enter the shallow waters of the Inner Bay.

6. Trading vessels may only be equipped by a maximum of 4 guards who are not allowed to disembark. When there are more guards discovered by the navy, the vessel will have not the right to enter the greater bay of Ghuba-ya Biashara.

7. Robbery of others' property, or the property of Mpya Stedor will result in a fine equal to the value of the stolen items.

8. Fights are only allowed in inns or outside the Inner City walls. When a discussion is happening, ask the city guards to be the diplomat. Fighting at public places will result in a fine of 500 Gold Darics.

9. Insulting the Guild of Ximus, Guild of Kaliphlin or one of it's vassals will result in a 6 months imprisonment.

10. Rebellion, or plotting of rebellion will result in 120 months imprisonment and lifelong imprisonment for the leader.

11. Visiting the Garrison Quarter without permission will result in 20 months imprisonment.

Signed, Lord Damaximus, Lord of Mpya Stedor, Vassal of Kaliphlin.

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