Is the financial center of Mpya Stedor. It is also the only place where trading is allowed. The innercity itself is divided in 4


The Palace:Edit

  • Here Lord Damaximus resides and meets all people.
  • Is the centerbuilding of the Inner City
  • 4 floors with Pool, kitchen, throne room, Harem, dining room, royal suite, ...


  • Here the residents of Mpya Stedor and other noteworthy people are being teached the arts of Science, Maths, Languages, Finances, History, ...
  • Lays in the mountain

Famous professors:


Here the residents and traders exchange their wares.

  • Wall Square => Daily stuff
  • Northern Square => Luxury stuff
  • Southern Square => Inns
  • Tower Bridge => Bridge between Market and Embassy Square
  • Gold Mine => inside the mountain
  • Innercity Gatehouse and Walls

Embassy SquareEdit

  • Mitgardian Embassy
  • Avaloinan Embassy
  • Nocturnian Embassy
  • Ximus Embassy
  • Embassy Square Gatehouse
  • Southern Tower