Race of MummiesEdit

Mummies (Also known as Mountain Mummies) are accursed reanimated corpses who plague the desert mountains of Rakath/Mystic Mountains of Kaliphlin. They are unwieldy, uncontrollable creatures who will attack on sight of others. They plague the outlying villages during the summer months, and lay dormant during the cooler seasons.


Mountain Mummies can only be found in the mountains of Kaliphlin, and cannot survive in other climates.

To the East, the harshest area is home to the the Mountain Mummy tribes who are known to sport bandage coverings from head to foot; they utilize their garb to ensure that none of their precious moisture is lost to the blistering, arid surroundings. No one is quite sure which race the mummies belong to, as none have ever been seen without their bandages, however, it is rumored that the mummies came to being when warlocks from the eastern darklands corrupted the burial chambers of the nobility during Qarkyr's days as an early settlement. While the mummies pay no allegiance but to their chieftains, whom they revere as deities, they have sometimes been known to band together against invading forces from the Eastern Darklands.

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