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Mophet is a desert oasis along the Oil Road in the Siccus Badlands. It lies about 0,5-1 days ride to the east of where the Oil Road touches on the banks of the mighty Arkbri River. It is strategically located right in between the two larger cities of Barqa and Petrea. It is a settlement which is expanding and its population has been constantly growing over the past few years.


Little is known about the history of Mophet, mainly because of the limited role it has had in the history of Kaliphlin. Since it's located along the Oil road, most people have simply come and gone. Some staying for days, others for maybe a generation or two before other opportunities (or hardships) have caused them to move on. Therefor, the age of the settlement is hard to estimate. Recently though, more and more people have found a home in Mophet and there has been a real surge in both buildnings and of course the number of people living there. Scholars that have taken up residence there have made some attempts at dating it, with numbers between 200 and 1000 years being suggested. Ruins from older settlements in the area have been dug up and examined, but the opinions on what should be included in the definition of present-day Mophet varies, which is why the suggested age of it varies quite a bit.


As stated above, Mophet is located along the Oil road in the Siccus Badlands. Distance to Barqa is approximately three days ride and to Petrea about four days ride. The southern coast is approximately two days ride away. The landscape is quite barren, consisting mainly of desert. There are a few natural springs, which is probably what made people settle in the area to begin with, but the most important source of water is the Arkbri river. A series of canals and aqueducts supply the area with a fair amount of fresh water. This enables people to farm the otherwise barren landscape.


The economy in Mophet is based primarily on the trade along the oil road. Housing as wells as food and basic supplies for travellers have been the main source of income for a lot of the inhabitants for decades. As the population has grown, more and more farms have been established on the outskirts of Mophet, thanks to the increased number of aqueducts that have been built. Most of the crops are still being consumed within the area but with increased ties to other cities, several of the farmers have been able to sell the surplus to adjacent settlements and cities.


Mophet is protected by a city guard that, until recently, mainly consisted of a handful of retired soldiers and mercenaries. With the city growing though, and funding finally existing beyond supplying the soldiers with meals and the occasional weapon/armor, a proper city guard has been established. Although not nearly as well trained in formal battle strategies and formations as some of the armies in the more established cities in Historica, the city guard of Mophet is well respected in hand-to-hand combat and overall toughness.


One of it's most prominent figures is a doctor/healer by the name of Tabib D'Odo. He also serves as somewhat of a spiritual leader in the community.

Buildings (MOCs)[]

Type Name Description By Photo
Arena The Fighting Pit of Mophet A place where men fight beasts and each other, and where a lot of gold sometimes changes hands. Gideon
The Fighting Pit of Mophet.jpg
Outskirts Crossing the desert Tabib D'Odo travelling through the outskirts of Mophet in search of medicinal plants. Tabib D'Odo
GoH sig-fig Tabib D'Odo - in the desert.jpg
Farm Juz'albieta farm A small farm run by the Hazan brothers. Specializes in growing Juz'albieta, a nutritious vegetable. Tabib D'Odo
Juz'albieta farm.JPG
Stable Qi'run stable A stable in the central parts of Mophet, run by M'Usa and Hi'san Qi'run. Tabib D'Odo
Mophet stable.JPG
Swine-herder Swineherding in Wadi Khinzir Ra'ei the swineherder working in the desert. Tabib D'Odo
Swineherding in Wadi Khinz'ir.JPG
Blacksmith and armory Blacksmith working outside the amrory Hid'ad the blacksmith forging a sword in his workshop, outside the armory Tabib D'Odo
Mophet blacksmith and armory (1).JPG
Guardtower Guardtower outside of Mophet New recruit arriving at one of the guardtowers that defend Mophet Tabib D'Odo
Mophet watchtower - Burj Aldifae.JPG
Market Mophet's grand marketplace The place where people gather in Mophet to buy and sell goods. Tabib D'Odo
Mophet marketplace - GoH.JPG
Town hall Mophet town hall The formal center of the city. Tabib D'Odo
Ostrich racetrack Ostrich racing One of the more famous venues which offers entertainment to the people of the city. Tabib D'Odo
City walls Mophet city walls The outer parts of the city which protects against intruders. Tabib D'Odo

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