A Minotaur

Fierce half-breed bull men, native only to the guild of Nocturnus

Race of MinotaursEdit

A Minotaur is a rare breed of a human and a bull. While they can only be found in the Eastern Guild, their dangerous reputation supersedes their physical location greatly. Outside of Nocturnus, specifically the Kelra Labyrinths, Minotaurs are a rare sight; though they are always feared.


Minotaurs can only be found in the East guild of Nocturnus; where they only inhabit the areas of the Kelra Labyrinths and its immediate surrounding forests. A Minotaur outside of Nocturnus is a rare sight, and crafty entertainers have been known to show off captured ones in far off cities for great profit.

Common TraitsEdit

All Minotaurs have similar characteristics and mannerisms, though few have shown potential for higher level thoughts and actions.


Above all, Minotaurs are feared for their strength as fighters and their dangerousness on the battlefields. It is considered, that Minotaurs, are one of the strongest and most dangerous creatures alive in all of Historica. Their ferociousness and skill on the battlefield is legendary.


All Minotaurs are known to make good use of their horns; charging towards enemies in battle often, and stampeding through enemy lines. Minotaurs reach their top speed when charging, and can kill most enemies with a direct hit, even if they are armored; when charging however, Minotaurs have trouble changing direction or reducing speed.


Minotaurs are also known for being dimwitted, with the intelligence level to only follow simple commands, such as battle formations (Which they generally break when in close view of the enemy). Rare exceptions can be found however, of intelligent or hyper-intelligent Minotaurs who field armies of their bull brethren.