Lord Shale

Lord Shale is Scubacarrot's sigfig for the Guilds of Historica, he is loyal to Kaiphilin. He is the current owner of the largest sandstone quarry in the Siccus Badlands, The Qarkyr Quarry, which has made him a wealthy and influential man. He is not much of a fighter, he does not go into battle himself, unlike most other members of the guilds. Recently, the elite Qarkyr Archers were assigned to aid Lord Shale in his matters.


As many of Kaiphilin's current citizens, Lord Shale was once a slave. Forced to work in the quarry he now owns, he began the rebellion that overthrew the cruel overlords that ruled the place with iron fist. Slaves are cheap labor, and the owners of the Qarkyr Quarry had hundreds of them. From everywhere these slaves were brought to the quarry, forced to work and live there, providing the whole of the Siccus Badlands with sandstone, of which there is never enough. There is always some construction going on.

The slaves were forced to work in unbearable conditions, and many of them died each day. When the rumors of rebellion in other parts of the Siccus Badlands began, Shale united the slaves. With nothing but their tools they defeated the guards, and Shale himself finished the overlord off with a pickaxe through the heart. For his leadership and bravery, Shale was given the title of Lord, and given the ownership of the quarry, to do with as he pleased.

Lord Shale decided to keep the quarry operational, and reorganized the place greatly. Working conditions improved drastically, and workers were now paid. With this new method, workers from all over were attracted, which allowed for great expanding, which soon lead to the quarry becoming the most producing of all.


Lord Shale likes nice things, as can be seen from his style of clothes. He values skill and craftsmanship above anything else. He has five wives, which he has his hands full with.

He is not much of a fighter, and prefers to use his mind to overcome problems. He has been called a strategist before, but he is never at the battlefield. To ensure his safety, he is accompanied by his two bodyguards everywhere he goes, he does not carry any weapons. His position as head of the largest quarry of the south, has brought him a lot of responsibility, and he has acquired a band of advisors to help him with the task. The advisors include: Ignacio the Bard, a Djinn, a Dwarven engineer, A mountain-mummy Mage and Captain Gladius. The position and wealth that came with it, also gave Lord Shale considerable influence in the affairs of Kaiphilin.

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