Lord Max Samu, born in the Guild of Amenor, is the Lord of Everlast and head of the Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor (the I.A.M.S.). He is notorious for his riddles while chatting.

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He is the youngest son of Sultan Steh V, the current ruler of Amenor.

He is also the Right Hand of Lord Damaximus, Lord of Mpya Stedor. They met eachother in the period that Max Samu was an adventurer in search of fame and name. As he had trained together with the Elite Sultan Samurai Squad, he prooved to be very skilled swordsmen and brave fighter. Together with his never ending interests in politics and diplomatics, he became soon a noteworthy opponent of every evil person he met.

On one of his quests, he met Lord Damaximus and they soon became really good friends. He was one of the first to be knighted 'Alleenridder'. And he followed LD when he founded Mpya Stedor. Thanks to his father, Amenor sent a big army to defend the new found city. He also started a spy and scout network in Historica, defended by mercenaries and assassins.

After he and Lord Damaximus conquered Everlast, a place central in Historica and on the border of Kaliphlin and Nocturnus, he was granted the title "Lord of Everlast". He discovered pronto the adventages of the isolated place and together with Lord D., he founded the I.A.M.S. . You don't find Everlast, it finds you.

Not much later, the Drow Rebellion broke out and together with it's maternal city Mpya Stedor, Everlast supported the side of the Drow. Everlast became quickly an outpost where the Kaliphlin traders stopped a last time before supplying the Drow and their alliances. Some rumours even say that Everlast is more important in the Rebellion than it shows to the rest of Historica.

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Lord of Everlast
  • Founder and General of the I.A.M.S.
  • Right Hand of Mpya Stedor
  • Knight of Mpya Stedor
  • Captain in the Alleenridders
  • 3rd heir of Amenor
  • Captain of the Elite Sultan Samurai
  • Captain of the Mercenaries of Mpya Stedor
  • Captain of Assassins
  • Captain of Scouts and spies
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