Sansael 191111

Lord Erudhalion Sansael

Lord Sansael rules over the fiefdom of Peregrinus, a rocky peninsula on the south-east coast of Kaliphlin. Until recently a secretive and insular community, on his father's death Lord Sansael sought to engage more widely in seafaring commerce and diplomacy. On meeting Dextrus Flagg, he pledged Peregrinus for Kaliphlin in exchange for military protection, and began an ambitious program of building to secure his people's place in this brave new world.

Lord Sansael is a young, high-spirited, impetuous ruler who is not adverse to taking risks to achieve his ends. He enjoys devotion from his people as his father was much loved, but his decision to open Peregrinus to outsiders has encouraged some dissent at home. He is an expert mariner and loves boats of all kinds. Although slight of build, it is said he has been schooled in swordplay by a Rakath Assasian and he is respected in combat.


Type Name Description Photo
Elemental Crystal The Isle with No Name The Water Crystal is retrieved from a cavern on a mysterious island