Lord Dextrus Flagg

The current leader of the Kaliphlin Guild is Dextrus Flagg. Originally a slave - this dwarf revolutionized the production of Black Oil making him the most powerful Merchant, and thus the earning and buying the respect necessary to become the leader of all of the Siccus Badlands.

History Edit

Not much is known about Dextrus Flagg before becoming Lord of Kaliphlin. He was a slave before escaping with his sister Kathryn Flagg. After escaping he engaged in the Black Oil industry, and revolutionized it. With this respect, he quickly rose up the ranks in government, before finally becoming the Lord of Kaliphlin.

Under Dextrus Flagg's rule, Kaliphlin prospered. In the Revolword War, his sister went missing. Finally, before the Kaliphlin Civil War, Dextrus was able to travel through a dimension to find his sister. However, nothing was ever heard from him again, and he has been missing ever since. Currently, the divided and leaderless Kaliphlin High Council of Lords has ruled what is left of Kaliphlin, waiting for a new leader.