The Siccus wasteland is a scattered band of peoples - all races are represented - though the human population is less than the other three realms. In the cities it is not uncommon to see the nobles be of all races and creeds. There are many creatures native to other realms that have settled in Kaliphlin for various reasons. Humans, dwarves, elves, werewolves, and mummies are all well represented.

Keeping with the survival instincts of the harsh climate, there is no set armour or weapons for the the Kaliphlin Army or its people - when they march into the field of battle they will use whatever the individual chooses to best suit them. Though while guarding inside the City, full dress armour is adored - to ensure that the world knows of the wealth that is hidden within this desolate realm.

Outside the three major cities, the harsh south has lead many to abandon Siccus and wander north to more hospitable realms, this leaves only the most ruthless and hardened bands to wander the wastelands. While they are not typically aligned, they have known to form allegiances to oppose greater foes.

Specific Species and RacesEdit

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