There's certainly no need to ask before building in an area. In Kaliphlin , we're not big on claiming an area / town either, but it is natural for people to want a home for their characters. Here are the guidelines, the way things have developed so far, and some proposals for the future:

  • It's OK for your character to have a home town or base
  • If you build an MOC or vignette in an unnamed area, you can name the area
  • If you build an MOC somewhere, you can name some of the unnamed geographical features nearby. You can also add nearby geographical features, as long as they fit with the local landscape.
  • If you have a home town, you probably get to create the primary back-story / history for that town.
  • Other people can add to your town's history, but should keep within the outlines of the primary story.
  • Anyone can build an MOC anywhere, without asking permission of anyone.
  • Many people, if building in someone else's hometown, will want to inform the other person first, and ask for feedback, but that's not strictly necessary. If building in someone else's hometown, try to keep within the general outline of the 'look' of their existing MOCs and fit into their existing back-story.
  • We don't carve out plots of land like some other guilds. You're welcome to settle in an area, build MOCs, and even exercise a certain degree of political influence and control on the area, but we're not carving up the Siccus into little fiefdoms with borders and so forth. In part, this is because we've got a lot of land and not so many people, so there should be room for all. It's also because this is about building with LEGO, not empire-building. None of us could possibly manage to build more than a small town out of LEGO, much less an entire province.
  • Petraea, Barqa, and Qarkyr, as the largest cities in the Siccus, are more 'open' cities, meaning that no one person should control their story, look, etc. If you want to make one of these cities your hometown, that's great (we need some builds and history especially in Barqa and Qarkyr), and you can even set the back-story for a neighborhood.
  • The Master Cartographer is a bit reluctant to add and name features to the maps unless you've built an MOC or vignette in that area. Unless your idea/name is so great that it just has to be on there.