Male Human Soldier

Male Human Soldier

The largest and most prominent race of peoples within all of Historica

Race of HumansEdit

Humans are the most prominent race of peoples throughout all of Historica, and can be found in every Guild on the continent. They are a race of civilization, and flock to create towns, cities, castles, and guilds. Humans are currently the dominating race of Historica.


While Humans are found in every Guild, they are not equally distributed throughout the Guilds. The largest concentrations of humans can be found in Avalonia and Mitgardia, with a lower concentration of humans in Kaliphlin, and almost no humans within Nocturnus. The island of Varlyrio contains many species, with humans being the highest in concentration.

Common TraitsEdit

Generally, humans of Historica have similar traits across all Guilds. The following are common traits that can be attributed to most humans.


Humans of Historica generally live in organized societies, involving government, leaders (Normally in the form of a Monarchy type hierarchy), and a medieval structure.


Humans are known greatly for their construction, building vast cities and massive castles. They are known to organize together and construct towns, cities, and countries to support their lives as a community for their mutual benefit and protection. Humans of all Guilds have been known to builds structures for their benefit, from bridges to farms to walls.

Human builds across the Guilds differ greatly depending on the region and the resources available.


To humans of Historica, trade and agriculture are large aspects of life. Many of the Guilds rely heavily on trade, to which the humans are major players. Agriculture, specifically farming and the domestication of various animals, provide the basis of support for human society.

Armies and WarEdit

A dominant presence in all humans of Historica is the preparation, construction, and support of militaries should war occur or for general protection. All major societies of humans within Historica have some form of military protection, whether it is the simplest form such as militia to the highest form of castles and full armies. Domesticated animals such as horses are often used in military. The armies often protect specific leaders or government hierarchies who rule human societies.