Historica is the name for a moderately sized continent inhabited by many races and controlled by a government of Guilds. It was formed 100 years ago, and consists of four separately governed Guilds, each representing one of the four winds and four directions of a compass.

History[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of Kaligem, chaos appeared in the lands of Historica. With no central government, different factions declared war on one another. After a millennium of war, a council of wise men was summoned in Cedrica, the great city in the center.

The sages, to end the bloodshed, founded the Kingdom of Historica, with four regions, or guilds. Mitgardia in the north, Kaliphlin in the south, Avalonia to the west, and Nocturnus to the east. Each of the guilds was unique, having its own climate, geography, and culture.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

The most notable aspect of Historica is its guilds. There are four Guilds of Historica:

  • Mitgardia: Guild of the North. Known for its harsh winter climate
  • Nocturnus: Guild of the East. Known for its cursed lands
  • Kaliphlin: Guild of the South. Known for its desert climate
  • Avalonia: Guild of the West. Known for its enchanted forests

Map of Historica

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