Half-Elves are the fourth oldest race in Historica, after the Druids, Elves, and Humans. They are a cross breed between humans and elves, and are a growing race ever since humans settled Avalonia. There are many notable half elves, including Sir Gideon.

Race of Half-Elves Edit

Unlike most races, Half-Elves are not a race of their own, but a race founded by elves interbreeding with humans. The number of Half-Elves are growing, and are expected to outnumber elves in the future.

Distribution Edit

Half-Elves can be found anywhere there is a large group both humans and elves. So far, the most Half-Elves are in Avalonia and Kaliphlin, and with growing numbers in Mitgardia.

History Edit

The Elves arrived in present day Avalonia in Historica 3,400 years ago, while pursuing the Drow. By the time the elves started to migrate outside Avalonia, and the humans spread over the continent, a Drow victory in the Elvish - Drow Wars forced a retreat back into the Enchanted Forest, thus delaying contact for centuries.

When humans migrated into Avalonia, they met the remaining Elves in the Eastern Grasslands. The Elves, too small in number to fight, decided to instead intermingle with the humans. Eventually Elvish women married human men, and vice versa, thus creating the race of Half-Elves.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Because of their Elvish traits, Half-Elves do not physically age either. They also are extremely beautiful, and only some Half-Elves have pointy ears like their Elven relatives.