Gold Darics

Gold Darics

Gold Darics, more commonly known as simply gold, is a highly important and valuable resource element that can be found in every guild of Historica. It is commonly used as a form of currency and as a means of determining wealth of individuals and guilds themselves.

Gold of the GuildsEdit

Gold Darics are used to determine the wealth of the Guilds of Historica, and are awarded to individual guilds after challenges and from free builds. As of the end of Challenge 5, the tallies of gold per guild are as follows:

Gold as CurrencyEdit

All of Historica uses one form of currency, Darics; which are differently valued gold coins. They are used by everyone from the king to the common man as a way of purchasing objects, and occasionally allegiances. Darics are used often by merchants when trade is always viable or beneficial. While darics are more often used in purchasing, they are also used often by powerful individuals to buy allegiances or pay off enemies. More than any other resource, darics are the most frequent target of thieves.

Gold as LuxuryEdit

While generally thought of as currency, Gold is also used universally thought out Historica as a luxury item. It is often the chief material used in products for royalty, such as crowns, jewelry, and embroidered garments and weapons. Gold formed into a luxury item often has more value than darics themselves.