Ghuba-ya Biashara is a large bay on the Southern Ocean, in the southeast Siccus, located in Kaliphlin.

It is surrounded by the Rakath Mountains in the North and North-East, Nyika Tipu Desert in the West and a smaller group of mountains in the South. The entrance is in the South-East and is split up by 3 minor islands.

Ghuba-ya Biashara received its name by Lord Damaximus and means "Bay of Trade" in the old language of Ximus (Swahili)

Cities & ClansEdit

  • Mpya Stedor, a major Kaliphlin port in the North-East of the Bay
  • Auren, a smaller town in the South-West
  • The Swimming Warriors Clan (Mermen clan) in the East
  • The Drowned Treasure Clan (Mermen clan) in the North
  • The Godess Ariana Clan (Mermen clan) in the West
  • The Notorious Bards Clan (Mermen clan) in the South (and the most dangerous)


Type Name Description Photo
Elemental Battle Elemental Surprise in Ghuba-ya Biashara A boater is surprised by a water elemental on the bay

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