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Gex Marmota

Tafik Regex Marmota, known as Gex, is a member of the Kaliphlin Guild. He is currently Master Cartographer for the guild. Gex Marmota lives with his wife, Countess Wyndifera Ed-Wardhi (he married well!), in Marja-Rhytaville, a small coastal hamlet across the Muktifra Bay from the city of Messahmuk, on the south central Kaliphlin coast.


Gex Marmota was born the illegimate son of a minor noble on the Southern Ocean coast. After his mother fell out of favor with father, his stepmother sold them into slavery. He spent his childhood as a slave repairing hyperdrive engines... No, wait, wrong story... He spent his early childhood as a slave owned by a master builder, learning the builder and stonemason's trades. That accounts for his penchant for building and architecture. He was then sold to a local crime boss, and spent his teens as a slave on smuggling and pirate ships, developing into an accomplished sailor, and a cutthroat fighter.

After leading a slave mutiny and escaping, he led a gang of former slaves to sack the slave port of Mughraz, earning notoriety and a small fortune, as well as the enmity of key bosses of the slave trade. After a few years of seaborne smuggling around the Goolag Archipelago, he switched mostly to land-based smuggling and providing armed escort services for caravans and traveling nobles. (Apparently he is very good at persuading potential customers that they need his services...)

Recently he has left the smuggling and escort businesses mostly to his subordinates. A spate of treasure-hunting in the Mystic Mountains brought even more wealth and notoriety. Some say he saw some unspeakable things in the tomb of Amon-Ka-Tuhamen that have affected his mind, but he was always a bit crazy. He then bought or seized a small province on the coast, and has spent his time building castles, towns, and fortresses, while still fitting in the odd quest here and then.


Gex's current occupations include mapmaking for the Guild, building in the greater Muk-Muk Valley, trading and shipping, and managing his estates and wineries. His trading organization is called Southern Cross Trading. He occasionally goes adventuring and questing. He also assists on diplomatic missions to other lands.

He holds memberships in the Messahmuk Winemakers Guild, the Ancient Order of Mukti Adventurers and Explorers, and the Southern Coast Smugglers Guild. He is on the Messahmuk Council of Elders.


Type Name Description Photo
Freebuild South Sandstuck's New Walls Gex visits South Sandstuck, and talks to Lady Sharitah
Freebuild (Nocturnus Tribe) Blents Nocturnian Black Ent, otherwise known as Blents
Freebuild (Raising the Dead) The Tongue of a Bandit Merith and Kylee must find the tongue of a bandit who captured Dugal
Freebuild The Departure of the Southern Lions The Southern Lions regiment leaves Messahmuk to defend Queenscross against the armies of the Hand of Corruption
Freebuild (joint project) Guilds of Historica Advent Calendar An Advent Calendar of GoH-related mini builds
Fifth Guild Challenge Kelasituan Guild The fifth guild of Kelasituan, on the floating islands of Terapulau
Elemental Crystal Quest for the Water Crystal A team of adventurers defeats the Guardian and retrieves the Water Crystal
Melting the Ice to get the Water Crystal.jpg
Myth (Freebuild) Myth of Tiafra and Garnafuxo The god Garnafuxo pursues Princess Tiafra


Palace of a Hundred Scorpions A Kaliphlin embassy in Valholl, Mitgardia
Watchtower T'wur ZaGorth Ruined watchtower in the Westersands desert northwest of the Arkbri River
Watchtower Mt Agnathka Lookout A small lookout high up on Mt Agnathka in the northern Siccus Rakath Mountains
Watchtower Zigar-an-Gifuzi A converted inn that is now a watchtower guarding entrances to the underworld in the Gifuzi area
Marketplace (Freebuild) Marja-Rhytaville Marketplace The marketplace in Marja-Ryhtaville

Figure Components[]

Item Description BL Part #
Head Head Moustache Brown Long, Stubble, Thick Eyebrows, White Pupils Pattern 3626bpb319
Torso PoP Dastan: Dark Brown Torso Armor Ribbed with Disc and Two Buckles Pattern 973pb645c01
Arms Dark Blue
Legs Dark Blue

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