Geschi Edeh Nis, is one of most famous Historians in all of Historica. born in Petraea, the Capitalcity of Kaliphlin.


Early Life[edit | edit source]

As young child Geschi Edeh Nis was already digging up artifacts in the deserts around Petraea. It was no wonder for his family he would study Archeology and History at the free University of Petraea. At the age most of the other students started with the studies, he already graduated with brilliant results and felicitations of the Jury.

Mpya Stedor University[edit | edit source]

When Lord Damaximus went to Petraea to ask permission to build a new city in Kaliphlin, Geschi was at the same place and interested to watch the whole progress. Soon he asked a meeting with Lord Damaximus and they quickly became good friends. Lord Damaximus was honoured to host the Professor in his new city and promised to build as soon as possible an University. Currently Geschi is works in the city of Mpya Stedor as Professor at both the Mpya Stedor University and the University of Petraea. He is also writing books about the lifes of notable Kaliphlin people.

Important Archeological Work[edit | edit source]

  • First proof found at Cedrica that the city of Kaligem really existed. He found hieroglyphs at the walls of the first building known in the city of the nowadays capital of Historica.
  • Found Kaliphlin elements in ruins in nowadays Avalonia, Mitgardia and Nocturnus dating from the time of Kaligem. This led to the conclusion that the myth of Kaligem was based on real facts and that Kaliphlin in that time really controlled almost all of Historica.
  • Found a mass-grave of Drows in the desert of Kaliphlin, prooving the fact that the Drows once almost conquered almost of Historica. Yet it is unknown what the border of their empire was when it was at it highest point.
  • Was part of the team which rediscovered Lost Vega after it disappeared again.

Important Books[edit | edit source]

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