Erezhi, also known as the Lone Mountain, is a high volcano rising out of the desert in the south central Siccus Badlands. It is unusual in that it is not part of a mountain range, nor is it even surrounded by foothills.

Its lower slopes, especially on the southeast, are mined for their extraordinary metal ores, especially iron, tin, gold, and silver.

In popular folklore, the mountain is regarded as possessed by evil spirits. No one goes near it unless they have to. During the Great Disturbance, the mountain erupted, damaging many of the towns at its base.

MOCs Edit

Name Type By Description Photo
Searching for the Eternal Flame of Charonne Raising the Dead free build Yooha Lasvor searches for the eternal warmth of Charonne in a cave under Erezhi, to help raise Dugal MacLean
Goodnight Sweet Prince Challenge 4 Prelude SkaForHire Erezhi erupting during the Great Disturbance

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