Emir Hirgu is the ruler of the Sudite nation who inhabit the north-western portion of the Isle of Gorr as part of the Kaliphlin Guild. Emir Hirgu is an ethnic Sudite from one of the many clans which make up those peoples. His capital is Stone Town, which is a relatively modern coastal city.

Emir Hirgu of Gorr -Kaliphlin Guild-

Emir Hirgu (centre in all purple) surrounded by his dancing girls and bodyguard


Emir Hirgu was born Hazar, son of Hirgu the Elder, a petty chief among the Sudite peoples. He was Hirgu the Elder's second son by his chief wife, the first being called Hirgu as is the custom among this particular tribe. As second son, Hazar was destined for the priesthood and until the age of 11 was kept away from the other sons who were destined to become chiefs or great warriors. He was a troubled and distant boy, with a large birthmark on his left leg which the elders said singled him out for future greatness.

However, his elder brother (the original Hirgu the Younger) was slain in a cattle raid against a neighbouring tribe, and his father renamed Hazar to Hirgu (following the established custom) and announced him as his heir. Emir Hirgu now had to learn the trade of becoming a leader of men at a late age, and never fully mastered all the weapons of war, instead preferring to use diplomacy and the religious fears of his subjects (learnt during his training for the priesthood) to bend others to his will.

When Hirgu the Elder died, Emir Hirgu was proclaimed chief of his tribe. With some alliances already in place, he began to manouver to become the most well respected of the Sudite chieftains. His chance finally came much later at the age of 41 summers, when at the gathering of all tribes he was proclaimed Emir of the Sudite nation.

He quite literally built on the sucesses of the previous Emir by enlarging Stone Town to include many modern features and expanding the flourishing trade taking place at the harbours. Emir Hirgu's religious training helped establish his legitimacy and the rumours of his birthmark as a sign of divine favour were widely distributed by Hirgu himself.

Typical Gorrites -Kaliphlin Guild-

The eunuch Navros (centre, holding quill)

He was aided in this task by his eunuch Navros, who helped with the administrative side of the Emirate. Although technically a slave, Navros has risen to become one of the most powerful men on Gorr. Emir Hirgu employed Wahil Musca as his ambassador, upon the latters return from exile.