Two Dwarves

An industrious and powerful, if short, race found throughout mountainous regions of Historica

Race of DwarfsEdit

Dwarfs are a powerful race of peoples found in various regions of Historica. They are generally mountain folk, and known for their skills in mining, forging, and fighting.


Almost all of the Historica dwarves live within the borders of Mitgardia; with many specifically living in the Frosty Mountains. The largest dwarven city in all of Historica, Omurtag, is located within the Frosty Mountains of Mitgardia. Small dwarven clans can also be found on the island guild of Varlyrio and in other concentrated locations in various guilds, but none reach the extent of Mitgardia dwarves.

Common TraitsEdit

Most dwarves live within the borders of Mitgardia, and so many have similar traits and structures in terms of society.

Mining, Forging & TradeEdit

Dwarves are best known for their mining and hording of precious metals. Dwarf societies are often strong economically due to their heavy mining activity, which they supplement with forging of materials, such as weapons, and then trading products to others.