Drow are an ancient race of dark elves that live deep under the Rakath Mountains. Once conquers of all Historica, they are now exiled and the enemies of all.

Race of DrowEdit

The Drow are among the oldest of races within Historica, with their lineage tracing back thousands of years even before the formation of the guilds. At their root, they are conquers and strive to control all of Historica; which they actually accomplished once for a time.


While once a prominent race, the Drow population is very small and exclusively found underneath the Rakarth Mountains of Nocturnus, as well as inhabiting uncharted islands off the East coast. While their population is low, and their power far weaker than it once was, the Drow continue to be greatly feared throughout the guilds, with their attempted revolt against Nocturnus still clear in the minds of many peasants.

Common TraitsEdit

Generally, Drow of Historica have similar traits across their locations. The following are common traits that can be attributed to most Drow.


Famously, the individual Drow appearance is actually greatly varied. Drow can take many different forms from one another, and can look very different from one another, though all look afflicted with some type of dark magic. More common among individual Drow are their dark skin, usually in shades of black or grey, though some have been known to have radically different colored skin, with some having green, white, and human yellow.

Drow, while humanoid and elf at their core are also known to be commonly deformed. It is not uncommon to find individual Drow sprouting large feather or flesh wings, growing tails and horns, or reaching gigantic or miniature sizes.


The Drow are also known for the elaborate style of their structures that are built deep underground. Typically, Drow structures and cities are built of stunning red and black rock with intricate designs derived from elven architecture. Their sprawling size is also notable considering their underground location; most Drow structures reach grand heights even below the surface of the mountains. Despite their space and height, the Drow try to make use of all the unused underground area, and bridges are often constructed at various heights connecting towers and structures to utilize space.