The Draconem River meets the Cadarn River at the city of Albion.

The Draconem River is a river in Avalonia . The Avalonian capital city of Albion is located where the Draconem River meets the Cadarn River.

Course Edit

The Draconem River begins in the mountains of northern Avalonia, near the border with Mitgardia. On its way to Albion, it borders or spans through multiple counties, including, Lesser Burrium, Darwynia, Glevum, and Mesodraconem. In addition, it also feeds into some important rivers of the area, including the Avonmora, which flows into Benoic.

History Edit

In the past, the Draconem River has always been important, flowing through Avalonia's heartland, the Eastern Grasslands. In addition to that it feeds into other important rivers. Because of the river's importance, the city of Albion was founded at the intersection of this river and the Cadarn River, another important river.