Darwynia is a thriving community located in the Eastern Grasslands of Avalonia, and is built on a strong foundation of the trades of lumber, fabric and textiles, food and livestock, and scribing.

Positioned along the Oil Road route connecting to Albion, Darwynia is an valuable stop along the trade route between Avalonia and Kaliphlin.

Society and Government Edit

  • Darwynia uses the Cedrica standard Daric as legal tender.
  • Mostly grasslands and forest, Darwynia thrives on the Logging/Lumber industry.
  • Seasonal celebrations revolve around the Goddess of the Havest in the Fall, The Moon Goddess in the Winter, and the Sun God in the Spring/Summer.
  • There is little to no disdain between the ruling class and the labor class. Laborers are highly respected and well compensated, and all business owners are suggested to send a representative (often themselves) to the Senate, where they are free to help form the local laws.
  • Darwynia has a strong bond with the Elven tribes of the Mystic Isles. Lord Keplerth Darwyn, founder and leader of Darwynia, once saved the Elf Queen's life, and as such has been blessed with the elven title of Meleth Hir, or "Beloved Lord."

Places of Interest Edit

Situated on the highest hill, the Watchtower was the first official building in the settlement, and keeps the peace to this day.
Overseen by Lady Talisa Forkroot, a close friend to Lord Kelperth, this Kaliphilian embassy follows the Oil road to a coastal curve, offering invaluable shelter to travelers between the Guilds.
The garishly decorated home of Vikdar Brommel, more commonly known as the Log Baron. His influence is felt throughout Historica, not only for his extremely successful Logging and Exporting business, but his connections to the less savory markets.