Col flomren map big

A map of the county. The yellow area denominated those lands under control of the mighty count of Flomren.

The County of Flomren is one of the many political entities making up Mitgardia. It is located on the southwestern peninsula of the gigantic landmass owned by the Guild. Bordered by the Ocean to the west and several great rivers to the North and South, Flomren lends its name from its habitual flooding. Roughly translated, Flomren means 'flood plains', which suits its characteristics perfectly.



The county of Flomren is largely situatated in the western lowlands of Mitgardia, lacking any major mountains safe for those ranges delineating its borders. The shores have next to no cliffs and are made up by sandy beaches, dunes and marshy wetlands. Some great rivers are present in the county, originating from the mountains on its borders. These rivers serve as the main ways of transportation between the county and the rest of Historica, via the sea. Due to the county proximity to water and rivers, its cities are booming cities, its ports bustling with merchants and its enterprising citizens, or burghers, steeped with coin.


Due to its position next to the sea and the enclosing of the county by high rising mountain rising, Flomren receives an above-average amount of rainfall. The rain, coupled with the yearly melting of the mountains' snow, is the reason for the many floods plagueing the county and lending it its name. The people have learned to live with these inundations, however, and have even managed to turn them into somewhat of an advantage. Its flat lands and wet climate make Flomren an excellent farming location. It has grow to be one of Mitgardia's major foodhubs, shipping out excess produce to those regions less capable of growing their own foodstuffs.