Circardia is a county of Avalonia located in the Enchanted Forest. It is home to the famous Phoenix Guard, and was one of the first human settlements in the Forest.

History Edit

Circardia was settled 45 years ago, by a man named Orthus, who fled his homeland to avoid imprisonment. He and his companions founded a small hamlet named Circardia. Over time, the settlement grew, and a village sprang up.

Circardia eventually became an important trade center between the native elves and humans. In addition to that, it became a starting point for adventurers, and a haven for travelers and merchants.

Geography Edit

Being in the Enchanted Forest, it is not a surprise that the majority of Circardia is covered in lush forest. There are also two rivers, the Lleyln River, and the Isca River, which forms a natural border on the northern and eastern sides, respectively. The south is a bay, and the west is a lake.