Kingsland, Historica






High King


Over 1,000 years old

Cedrica is the capital city of Historica, and residence of the High King. In addition to that, Cedrica is one of the oldest surviving cities in Historica, and also the biggest, boasting a population of 500,000.

History Edit

After the Kaliphlinian Empire was established by the Kaliphlinians, a nomadic people who rose to power over 1,000 years ago, the government in Kaligem decided to move to a more centralized city, hundreds of miles to the north. Thus, they built Cedrica.

Even after the destruction of Kaligem, and the collapse of the empire. Cedrica survived, since it held the remaining bulk of the wealth of the collapsed empire. As alliances shifted and war seemed to last forever, it was in Cedrica, the last great city on the continent that the sages ans wise men founded the Kingdom of Historica. Cedrica was made its capital.

During the Revolword War, two major battles occurred in Cedrica. The in the first battle, soldiers of the Hand of Corruption seized the city from the High King. In the second, an alliance between the guilds freed the city. Since then, Cedrica has mostly recovered.

Economy Edit

Being a central city, and situated close to a multitude of rivers, Cedrica's economy is primarily based on trade, with Avalonian wines, Kaliphlinian spices, etc, being found in the markets. The city also hosts merchant fairs once a year, in which merchants from every corner of Historica sells their goods.

Geography Edit

Though the geography of Historica has changed much since the days when the whole continent was grass, eastern Avalonia, the region on which Cedrica is, serves as a reminder. Outside Cedrica, the Arkbri River, a great river of Historica, runs from Mitgardia on its way to Kaliphlin. In addition of that, there is also a large lake, and small forests.

Military Edit

Though Historica does not have one large military force, but rather consists of soldiers who serve a lord, who in turn serves the leader of their guild, who in turn serves the king, the High King does have his own small army, which consists of about 1,000 soldiers. During wartime, the king's vassals in the surrounding territory, also called Cedrica, will provide most of the soldiers, which number around 10,000.