Black Oil

Black Oil

Black Oil is a rare and high value commodity found in the southern region of Historica. Black Oil can only be found and produced in the deserts of the southern guild, Kaliphlin.

Production & Use & TradeEdit

Black Oil can only be found in the deserts of Kaliphlin, and must be dug from deep crevices in the ground. It takes considerable work to both reach and extract the oil from the ground, adding to its high and dangerous production costs.

Black Oil is both used as a commodity and as a production resource. It's often used in candles, religious ceremonies, and most often as a reliable fuel source for long burning fires. It’s also used often as a lubricant for machinery such as siege weapons.

Oil RoadEdit

The trade of Black Oil is highly regulated and protected. Most often, it is transported in large barrels within guarded caravans on the Oil Road. The Oil Road is a famous and heavily trafficked road in the Siccus Badlands, stretching from Qarkyr in the east, passing through Petraea, and ending in Barqa in the west. It is the most heavily traveled land commerce route in Kaliphlin, and chances are that if you are using Black Oil anywhere in Historica, it was at one point transported on the Oil Road.


Black Oil is one of the most valuable resources in Historica, mainly because of its rarity and limited production availability. It accounts for the majority of Kaliphlin wealth, and has made many individuals great wealth and power within Kaliphlin.