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Benoic is a county of Avalonia that lies south east of the great capital city Albion. The County has no larger city only five villages, scattered across the beautiful country side. The river Avonmora runs through Benoic and gives the possibilty for water mills, fishing and transports.

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Benoic produces mostly grain, milk, meat and lumber but also have a small quarry.  

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History  []

This small county of Avalonia was once settled by peasants who farmed the rich soils. They lived in peace and harmony with nature. 

One peasant named John de Gothia became leader of the county and built a small fort near the great Oil Road to Kaliphlin. His son, Stenius, then inherretaded the Lordship of the county. He fortified the small fort to a great stone castle. When the Dark Age of Avalonia came Stenius and his wife and son were all slaughtred on the fields near the Village of Sionach. The only surviving from the family of de Gothia was a young lad who saw the whole battle from a nearby forest. He swore to revenge the death of his family and bring justice upon those who took his family from him. As the county now was lawless the young lad fled to Albion and started his training to become a knight.

When Artorious Rex came to Avalonia de Gothia joined him and became one of the warriors in the "Flight of the Dragons".During the battles to rid Avalonia of evil and unite the land again, Artorious was able to take back de Gothias captured land, and so de Gothia once again ruled the his family´s ancient estate. He choosed to name the County to Benoic.


Leader of the County of Benoic is de Gothia. Nobody knows his first name and it will be a secrret to his death. He is married to Lena, daughter of the mighty Elon Chorian. They have to sons, Albion (named after the Capital city of Avalonia) and Elijah. 

When de Gothia´s family was slaughtred he promised his dying brother to look after Quinn, de Gothia´s niece. She loved de Gothia and was to become the general of his army. During the search for the earth elemental she died. 

de Gothia and Lena during their wedding

Quinn and de Gothia


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The army of Benoic is rather small. There are no heavy cavalry in the army, de Gothia works more on a swift and deadly group of soldiers. The Light Cavalry can easily disturb larger armies with smaller attacks. 

The Ballistas of the army are also easy to handle and are deadly addition to this army. 

When de Gothia and Lena married, an elite group of soldiers was created. A combination of both Avalonia and Mitgardia in their armour. Only the best from the army can apply to become one of these great warriros.  

Elite soldier behind de Gothia and Lena