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Possibly over 1,000 years old

The Avalonian capital city of Albion is located in the eastern grasslands of Avalonia and sits at the junction of the Cadarn and Draconem rivers. Often called the “Pearl City” of Historica , the walled city has been the cultural and economic center of Avalonia for generations. Many of the land’s greatest thinkers, artist, poets, tradesmen and warriors have taken up permanent residence inside the city’s walls.

Though the city still thrives, peace has made the blade of Albion’s defenses dull, and the luster of the beautiful city wan. With the peace between the guilds of Historica wearing thin, Avalonia’s young leader has recalled the land’s architects and Lords to rebuild the Pearl City to its former glory.

History Edit

Due to the city's age, possibly dating back before Kaliphlinian conquest more than 1,000 years ago, the city's history is shrouded in myth. However, there is one story that most scholars accept.

About 1,500 years ago, after the last elves had left the Eastern Grasslands, human settlers founded a small fishing village named Albion, at the intersection between the two main rivers, the Draconem, and the Cadarn. When Kaliphlin conquered the Grasslands, they established a capital at Albion, and rebuilt the village into a grand city.

Even after Kaliphlin retreated from Avalonia, and the city lost most of its grandeur, it still had reminders of it's glory days. During the Flight of Dragons, the city was taken by Artorious Rex, who rebuilt the city back into the grand city it once was.


The city itself is divided into two walled tiers, the "Inner Sanctum" and the "Wall"

Inner SanctumEdit


Albion's Inner Sanctum

The elevated inner tier, called the “Inner Sanctum” by the locals, is home not only to the Great Keep of Avalonia, but also dozens of the land’s most beautiful homes, tradesman’s halls, gardens and temples. A great tower on the Inner Sanctum’s southeastern side houses the first telescope known to exist and has given the Avalonians a great tool to monitor their lands and the happenings of their allies and enemies.

The Wall Edit

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The outer tier, known simply as “The Wall”, has proven to be an impregnable guard for the city for generations. The Wall features multiple towers, two small gate houses, a great gatehouse and a small keep said to be the original home to the founder of Avalonia.