My arrival in Kaliphlin was not entirely of my plans and I did not have high expectations of my future there. Being from Avalonia, it was my understanding that Kaliphlin was a dry and dusty land, where the inhabitants continually sought shelter from the relentlessly blazing sun.

It was my fate to be banished to Kaliphlin and I had accepted it, but little did I know that what I considered to be a curse would turn out to be my greatest blessing.

Having now resided in Kaliphlin for many years, I have come to realize that Kaliphlin is the richest Guild of Historica in nearly every aspect. Not only is Kaliphlin rich in financial potential with its newly discovered commercial use of Black Oil but it is also rich in culture, in geography, and climate diversity. Kaliphlin has it all, a bit from every other Guild of Historica as well as its own unique characteristics.

Kaliphlin's northwestern border shares the Witherwoods with Avalonia and it's northeastern border shares the Rakoth Mountains with Nocturnus. The Rakoth Mountain range arguably extends far north into Mitgardia and even in Kaliphlin many of Rakoth's peaks are covered in ice and snow year round. Kaliphlin's eastern coastline contains a few hidden islands and isles very similar to Avalonia's Mystic Isles however containing a slightly different species of vegetation and fauna. Kaliphlin's western and southern coasts are speckled with jungles from Barqa to the Spice Islands. As the coastal jungles end following the coast to the east, the land is swallowed up by the Dune Sea until transfroming into the semi-fertile swampland around the Qar-Akhen river basin. The north central area is where Kaliphlin gets its derogatory reputation from. But even here there are hidden elements of beauty from the scattered oasis to the rainbow colored sandrock of the Great Escarpment. Deep beneath the surface of Kaliphlin there are large networks of caverns and tunnels rumored to extend all the way to Abyssan in Nocturnus.

Being such a diverse landmass, Kaliphlin contains many dangers and perhaps is more dangerous of a place than even Nocturnus. Whereas Nocturnus is so well known for danger that travelers are always on their guard, travelers in Kaliphlin often meet their untimely end only because they were inattentive.

So it is that I decided to write this guide, with a twofold purpose. On the one hand pointing out noteworthy destinations to visit within the Greater Siccus Badlands and on the other hand pointing out the different dangers for travelers to be attentive for.

The best of journeys to you,

Mikel Kalores

Chapter 1: The Witherwoods[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2: The Western Coast[edit | edit source]

Chapter 3: Gorr & the Spice Islands[edit | edit source]

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